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For the questions below, please choose the best option to complete the sentence or conversation.

1. __________’s your name? Thomas

A) How
B) Who
C) What
D) Where

2. __________? I’m from Germany.

A) Where are you from?
B) Where you are from?
C) Where from you are?
D) From where you are?

3. Excuse me, how _________ your last name? R-I-L-E-Y

A) Spell
B) You spell
C) Do you spell
D) Spell you

4. Oh, ____________ are my keys!

A) This
B) These
C) That
D) It

5. ___________ is the school? It’s 50 years old.

A) How many years
B) How much years
C) What years
D) How old

6. Your bag is next___________ the table.

A) On
B) To
C) In
D) Of

7. I go to work__________ train.

A) With
B) By
C) For
D) In

8. Mary ______________ in our company at the moment.

A) Work
B) Works
C) Is work
D) Working

9. _______________ to the cinema.

A) We not often go
B) We don’t go often
C) We don’t often go
D) Often we don’t

10. ______________ at school last week?

A) Do you were
B) Was you
C) Were you
D) You were

11. We _______________ the film last week.

A) See
B) Saw
C) Sees
D) Were see

12. He___________ tennis with me yesterday.

A) Doesn’t played
B) Didn’t played
C) Not played
D) Didn’t play

13. Where ____________ last summer?

A) You went
B) Did you went
C) Do you went
D) Did you go

14. It’s her birthday next week. I_________ her a present.

A) Buy
B) Buys
C) Am going to buy
D) Buying

15. 15. We usually __________ the shopping in a supermarket.

A) Make
B) Do
C) Have
D) Go

16. Do you like Chinese______________?

A) Kitchen
B) Meal
C) Food
D) Cook

17. Can I help you? Thanks, but I’m just___________.

A) Watching
B) Looking
C) Seeing
D) Shopping

18. Where ___________ to school?

A) Did you go
B) Went you
C) Did you went
D) Did go

19. French ___________ compulsory in English schools.

A) Used to be
B) Would be
C) Has
D) Has been

20. There are ____________ Spanish speakers in New York.

A) Too much
B) A lot of
C) A little
D) Not much

21. Would you like ____________ to the theatre tonight?

A) Go
B) To go
C) Going
D) To going

22. Do you have any plans for tonight? Yes, we ___________ to the cinema.

A) Will go
B) Going
C) Go
D) Are going

23. My coffee was ___________ yours. I almost burned by mouth.

A) Hotter than
B) More hot than
C) Hotter as
D) As hot

24. I don’t think you _________ them.

A) Should to email
B) Should email
C) Should emailing
D) –

25. If my new company is successful, I ___________ employ people to help me

A) Will
B) Be able to
C) Will be able to
D) Will able to

26. I was saving up __________ a new computer.

A) For buying
B) To buy
C) To buying
D) –

27. I mostly ____________ my friends via email.

A) Get on well with
B) Have in commn
C) Keep in touch with
D) See each other

28. I am very ___________ in old cars.

A) Keen
B) Interesting
C) Interested
D) Fond

29. The house will look cleaner when you have finished the ___________

A) Home
B) Housewife
C) Housework
D) Homework

30. He __________ off his holiday until after the winter.

A) Took
B) Put
C) Called
D) Logged

31. She ____________obsessed with rock climbing at a young age.

A) Becomes
B) Became
C) Has become
D) Would become

32. He _____________ me to the first game when I was only 6.

A) Used to take
B) Would take
C) Took
D) Has taken

33. At first I ___________ starting work so early but this has changed.

A) Didn’t use to
B) Wouldn’t
C) Didn’t have to
D) Wasn’t used to

34. People ___________ from the illness find it difficult to relax.

A) Suffered
B) Suffering
C) Who suffering
D) Were suffering

35. You’d better take your coat __________ the weather gets worse.

A) In case
B) Otherwise
C) So that
D) In order to

36. He realized that he ________ his car keys in the office.

A) Left
B) Has left
C) Had left
D) Was leaving

37. ___________ plans you might have for the weekend, you’ll have to change them.

A) Wherever
B) Whovever
C) Whatever
D) However

38. They _____________ out for a few years before they decided to get married.

A) Had gone
B) Have been going
C) Were going
D) Had been going

39. We wouldn’t have missed the bus if you ___________ to chat with Mary!

A) Didn’t stop
B) Hadn’t stopped
C) Don’t stop
D) Wouldn’t have stopped

40. The party was so boring I wish I ________ there at all.

A) Hadn’t gone
B) Wouldn’t go
C) Haven’t gone
D) Didn’t go

41. If only you _________ more time to spend with the family.

A) Would have
B) Have had
C) Had
D) Have

42. By the time the guest arrive, we __________ everything for the party.

A) Will be preparing
B) Will have prepared
C) Prepare
D) Have prepared

43. The police stopped us and said we ________ to enter the building on fire.

A) Can’t
B) Couldn’t
C) Didn’t allow
D) Weren’t allowed

44. The horror movie wasn’t just frightening! It was __________ terrifying!

A) Extremely
B) Absolutely
C) Very
D) Fairly

45. ____________ the weather was freezing, we decided to go out for a stroll.

A) Even though
B) However
C) In spite of
D) Despite

46. Her sister asked Esther where _________ all day.

A) Had she been
B) Was she
C) She had been
D) She has been

47. She advised him ___________ sun cream.

A) Putting
B) Put on
C) To putting on
D) To put on

48. Three motorcyclist are reported to ________ during the flood last night.

A) Die
B) Have died
C) Had died
D) Died

49. I’ll need to have the main hall __________

A) Renovate
B) Renovating
C) To renovate
D) Renovated

50. Lilly is always poking her nose in other people’s business. She’s so ________!

A) Inquisitive
B) fussy
C) Playful
D) stubborn

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