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For the questions below, please choose the best option to complete the sentence or conversation.

1. __________’s your name? Thomas

A) How
B) Who
C) What
D) Where

2. __________? I’m from Germany.

A) Where are you from?
B) Where you are from?
C) Where from you are?
D) From where you are?

3. Excuse me, how _________ your last name? R-I-L-E-Y

A) Spell
B) You spell
C) Do you spell
D) Spell you

4. Oh, ____________ are my keys!

A) This
B) These
C) That
D) It

5. ___________ is the school? It’s 50 years old.

A) How many years
B) How much years
C) What years
D) How old

6. Your bag is next___________ the table.

A) On
B) To
C) In
D) Of

7. I go to work__________ train.

A) With
B) By
C) For
D) In

8. Mary ______________ in our company at the moment.

A) Work
B) Works
C) Is work
D) Working

9. _______________ to the cinema.

A) We not often go
B) We don’t go often
C) We don’t often go
D) Often we don’t

10. ______________ at school last week?

A) Do you were
B) Was you
C) Were you
D) You were

11. We _______________ the film last week.

A) See
B) Saw
C) Sees
D) Were see

12. He___________ tennis with me yesterday.

A) Doesn’t played
B) Didn’t played
C) Not played
D) Didn’t play

13. Where ____________ last summer?

A) You went
B) Did you went
C) Do you went
D) Did you go

14. It’s her birthday next week. I_________ her a present.

A) Buy
B) Buys
C) Am going to buy
D) Buying

15. 15. We usually __________ the shopping in a supermarket.

A) Make
B) Do
C) Have
D) Go

16. Do you like Chinese______________?

A) Kitchen
B) Meal
C) Food
D) Cook

17. Can I help you? Thanks, but I’m just___________.

A) Watching
B) Looking
C) Seeing
D) Shopping

18. Where ___________ to school?

A) Did you go
B) Went you
C) Did you went
D) Did go

19. French ___________ compulsory in English schools.

A) Used to be
B) Would be
C) Has
D) Has been

20. There are ____________ Spanish speakers in New York.

A) Too much
B) A lot of
C) A little
D) Not much

21. Would you like ____________ to the theatre tonight?

A) Go
B) To go
C) Going
D) To going

22. Do you have any plans for tonight? Yes, we ___________ to the cinema.

A) Will go
B) Going
C) Go
D) Are going

23. My coffee was ___________ yours. I almost burned by mouth.

A) Hotter than
B) More hot than
C) Hotter as
D) As hot

24. I don’t think you _________ them.

A) Should to email
B) Should email
C) Should emailing
D) –

25. If my new company is successful, I ___________ employ people to help me

A) Will
B) Be able to
C) Will be able to
D) Will able to

26. I was saving up __________ a new computer.

A) For buying
B) To buy
C) To buying
D) –

27. I mostly ____________ my friends via email.

A) Get on well with
B) Have in commn
C) Keep in touch with
D) See each other

28. I am very ___________ in old cars.

A) Keen
B) Interesting
C) Interested
D) Fond

29. The house will look cleaner when you have finished the ___________

A) Home
B) Housewife
C) Housework
D) Homework

30. He __________ off his holiday until after the winter.

A) Took
B) Put
C) Called
D) Logged

31. She ____________obsessed with rock climbing at a young age.

A) Becomes
B) Became
C) Has become
D) Would become

32. He _____________ me to the first game when I was only 6.

A) Used to take
B) Would take
C) Took
D) Has taken

33. At first I ___________ starting work so early but this has changed.

A) Didn’t use to
B) Wouldn’t
C) Didn’t have to
D) Wasn’t used to

34. People ___________ from the illness find it difficult to relax.

A) Suffered
B) Suffering
C) Who suffering
D) Were suffering

35. You’d better take your coat __________ the weather gets worse.

A) In case
B) Otherwise
C) So that
D) In order to

36. He realized that he ________ his car keys in the office.

A) Left
B) Has left
C) Had left
D) Was leaving

37. ___________ plans you might have for the weekend, you’ll have to change them.

A) Wherever
B) Whovever
C) Whatever
D) However

38. They _____________ out for a few years before they decided to get married.

A) Had gone
B) Have been going
C) Were going
D) Had been going

39. We wouldn’t have a missed the bus if you ___________ to chat with Mary!

A) Didn’t stop
B) Hadn’t stopped
C) Don’t stop
D) Wouldn’t have stopped

40. The party was so boring I wish I ________ there at all.

A) Hadn’t gone
B) Wouldn’t go
C) Haven’t gone
D) Didn’t go

41. If only you _________ more time to spend with the family.

A) Would have
B) Have had
C) Had
D) Have

42. By the time the guest arrive, we __________ everything for the party.

A) Will be preparing
B) Will have prepared
C) Prepare
D) Have prepared

43. The police stopped us and said we ________ to enter the building on fire.

A) Can’t
B) Couldn’t
C) Didn’t allow
D) Weren’t allowed

44. The horror movie wasn’t just frightening! It was __________ terrifying!

A) Extremely
B) Absolutely
C) Very
D) Fairly

45. ____________ the weather was freezing, we decided to go out for a stroll.

A) Even though
B) However
C) In spite of
D) Despite

46. Her sister asked Esther where _________ all day.

A) Had she been
B) Was she
C) She had been
D) She has been

47. She advised him ___________ sun cream.

A) Putting
B) Put on
C) To putting on
D) To put on

48. Three motorcyclist are reported to ________ during the flood last night.

A) Die
B) Have died
C) Had died
D) Died

49. I’ll need to have the main hall __________

A) Renovate
B) Renovating
C) To renovate
D) Renovated

50. Lilly is always poking her nose in other people’s business. She’s so ________!

A) Inquisitive
B) fussy
C) Playful
D) stubborn

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