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Tips and Vocabulary: Report

What is a Report?

Basically, a report is a short and concise document which is written for a particular purpose and audience. It generally analyses or evaluates a situation or problem, often making recommendations for future action. It is a factual paper and needs to be clear and well-structured.

When you write a report here are the top things you need to think about:

1.- Think about the aim of the report and where you can get the information. It might be the results of a survey, an evaluation of some facts or the results of your own research on a specific issue.

2.- You need to write 4 or 5 paragraphs: Introduction (1) + Body (2 or 3) + Recommendation (1)

3.- Every paragraph should have a heading. Remember to write one main idea per paragraph, with the appropriate supporting ideas and examples.

3.- Bullet points or numbers can be used when explaining the results or findings.

4.- Formal language is used. Personal pronouns should be avoided (I, we, you), and passive voice must be used instead. 

5.- Finally, write your recommendations and conclusions.


  • The objective/aim of this report is to…
  • This report is intended to…
  • A number of (citizens, students, teachers, visitors,…,) were interviewed…
  • A survey was carried out among X (write the number or percentage) participants …..
  • This report is based on a survey of …….

Reporting results

  •  Many/Few of those interviewed stated/claimed/complained that….
  •  Others remarked/stated/pointed out that…
  •  Several people thought/affirmed/said that…
  •  Many people suggested, complained, recommended
  •  The majority of people mentioned that …..whereas others expressed …

Listing ideas

  • The following items should be taken into account:
  • Some people stated/gave the following reasons:

Presenting conclusions

  • Taking all the points into consideration…
  • Some of the ideas have benefits,
  • In the light of the above mentioned,
  • All points considered,

Making recommendations

  • Therefore, I would recommend that…
  • It is highly recommended -ing / you + subjunctive: It’s highly recommended finishing the school in June / It’s highly recommended schools be open until the end of June.
  • It would be advisable…
  • On balance then, I feel that…
  • Without a doubt the first option was…
  • It would seem that…


Your teacher has asked you to write a report on things for young people to do in their free time in the area where you live. In your report, you should mention what free-time facilities there are and recommend improvements.

Write your report.

Report on free-time facilities in my area


The aim of this report is to outline what young people do in my area in their free time, what facilities exist for them and how these could be made better.

Free-time activities

My town, Beauvoir, is quite small, so it does not have a cinema or theatre and there is only one club for young people. As a result, young people have to take the train or bus to Nantes, which is about 30 kilometres away if they want these things. On the other hand, it is situated by the sea, so many young people spend their free time on the beach or doing water sports.

Other facilities

Beauvoir has a sports centre with tennis courts, a football pitch and a swimming pool. There are also a number of cafes where young people normally go to meet each other and spend their free time.


I highly recommend that the town council should set up a youth club where young people could meet, do other activities and also see films. This would encourage young people to stay in the town at weekends and improve their social life.


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